Pet Wellness Care

We place the health of your pet as our first concern.

Pet Wellness Care

Your pet can live a longer, healthier life if you let Glenwood City Veterinary Clinic do routine examinations on them and make sure they receive the necessary vaccines on a regular basis.

Wellness Exams

We recommend annual wellness exams for your companions. We work with you to design a personalized vaccine and health care plan for your pet to provide the best care possible from their first visit as a puppy or kitten through their senior years. At Glenwood City Veterinary Clinic, we are committed to ensuring that your pet’s pain is kept to a minimum. We offer pain management treatments that include pain patches, both injectible and oral pain medications, and CRI (Constant Rate Infusion) during post-operative recovery. Our veterinary doctors and staff will treat your pet with the same care and compassion as if your pet were their own pet.

Heartworm Testing

Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease that can affect your dog. It is caused by worms that live in the heart, lungs, and associated vessels of an infected dog. The worm is transmitted by mosquitoes that transmit heartworm larvae from dog to dog when bitten. These larvae then develop into adult worms that, over time, cause heart disease and respiratory problems in dogs. This is a preventable disease, and there are a number of excellent monthly heartworm preventatives available at Glenwood City Veterinary Clinic. These products, when administered year-round, provide outstanding protection against heartworm disease.

Vaccinations & Titers

Vaccinating your pet is one of the best ways to help him or her live a long and healthy life because vaccines are important in preventing serious diseases in pets. Vaccines help prepare your pet’s immune system to fight the invasion of disease-causing organisms.
We believe in disease prevention without undue over-vaccination. We base our recommendations on up-to-date immunology and disease prevention research. Each pet is seen as a unique individual, and thusly our recommendation(s) are unique to your pet and his/her risk factors.
We do utilize vaccine titer(s), most often for canine distemper virus and canine parvovirus. We can test your adult dog’s immune status to those viruses prior to vaccinating to determine if he/she even requires vaccination

Parasite Prevention and Control & Fecal Testing

Dogs are susceptible to a number of internal parasitic infections, several of which are able to infect people in addition to animals. Therefore, parasite prevention is important not only for the health of your pet but also for the health of your family. Fecal samples can be run to see if there are internal parasites that need to be treated.
Fleas and ticks are parasites of the skin. Flea and tick prevention is important because these pests not only cause problems with the skin but also possess the ability to transmit a number of diseases to the dog. Fleas and ticks are also able to affect you and your family. There are many safe and highly effective products available at Glenwood City Veterinary Clinic that will treat and prevent flea and tick infestations. Regular use of one of these products will effectively prevent fleas and ticks from becoming a problem for you or your pet!

Microchip Location Technology

Every day a beloved family pet is lost. Tragically, most never make it back home because their owners didn’t identify them. The MicroChip is the professional way to identify your pet and is proven safe and effective. In addition to microchipping your pet, we also register your pet’s microchip at no additional cost. A small chip, the size of a rice grain, is injected under the skin of your pet. The procedure is very safe, and very similar to getting a vaccination. The chip is encoded with a unique I.D. number that is registered to you. If your pet ever gets lost and is brought to an animal shelter or clinic, they are scanned to see if they have a microchip.

Spay and Neuter Services

Your pet is a companion, a friend, and in a real sense, a member of your family. In order to reduce the number of animals ending up in shelters or being euthanized, we encourage you to discuss spaying or neutering your pet with your veterinarian. Together you can work as a team to help reduce the number of unwanted and abandoned animals. Both male and female dogs and cats are mature enough to reproduce between the ages of six to nine months. We also offer ovary-sparing surgery. For more information on this procedure, visit